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Ethno Network is a national umbrella association gathering producers of exquisite local handicrafts aiming to preserve the cultural heritage of Serbia by empowering women and youth in rural areas. Established by USAID in 2005, the association gathers hundreds of women from all over the country who come together in local crafts organizations to create unique handicrafts out of natural fabrics, by applying traditional motifs and techniques with a modern twist.

All Ethno Network items are handmade by local artisans across Serbia aiming to position cultural heritage and female entrepreneurship as pillars of local economy. Handicrafts branded by Ethno Network are used by Protocol of the Government and state institutions as business and diplomatic gifts. Ethno Network label is registered in the Intellectual Property Institute as a collective mark that stands for authenticity and superior quality.


Preserved 8 elements of intangible cultural heritage: kilims from Stapar and Sjenica-Pester area, Banat motif, gold-thread embroidery, kilim weaving, felting, filet-lace making, Vlach embroidery

Established a juried exhibition of miniature framed motifs and held 9 annual events

Designed a unique concept for crafters colonies and held 19 events attended by more than 200 artisans and 100 high ranking government officials and diplomats

Provided employment and income generation opportunities for over 1,000 women from 50 municipalities from all over Serbia

Awarded over 500 certificates for trainees, 50 of which are for people with disabilities

Trained more than 100 teachers and 500 children who attended creative workshops

Assisted registration over 25 local crafts associations, cooperatives and sole proprietors

Organized over 100 exhibitions, 10 fashion shows and 20 fair events

Implemented over 30 donor projects to actively preserve the country’s heritage

Provided over 50 looms, 10 ceramic stoves, 30 sewing machines, 50 felting kits

Completed five annual cycles of public works and engaged more than 300 artisans

Provided conditions for retirement and first employment for more than 60 women


The Government of the Republic of Serbia established the Gender Equality Coordinator on 30 October 2014 with the aim of promoting gender equality in the Republic of Serbia. The Gender Coordination Body is headed by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, Zorana Mihajlovic.

The Coordination Body is a national coordination mechanism for gender issues and is mandated to coordinate the work of state administration bodies and other institutions in order to promote gender equality and the position of women and men in the Republic of Serbia.

The tasks of the Coordination Body are to initiate and monitor the implementation of strategic documents, laws and other regulations in the field of gender equality, to provide expert opinions and to direct the work of state bodies in matters affecting gender equality and to coordinate state bodies in this field.

The mission of the Coordination Body is to contribute to the Government of the Republic of Serbia and to the entire society in providing the basis for an equal evaluation of the behavior and needs of all with the achievement of full potential, free from discrimination on the grounds of sex and gender.


The National Alliance for Local Economic Development (NALED) is an independent, non-profit and non-partisan association of companies, municipalities and civil society organizations working together to create better living and working conditions in Serbia. Since its founding in 2006, NALED has grown into the largest private-public association. NALED brings together over 330 members, with a network of partners comprised of more than 100 state institutions and international organizations.

NALED has positioned itself as a key interlocutor of the Government and Parliament in defining regulatory priorities and legal solutions relevant to the economy. It also gives independent assessment of the work of state institutions and reports to the public and the European Commission on the status of reforms in Serbia. NALED members are committed to an efficient state, reducing bureaucracy and a para-fiscal burden on the economy and fair competition. All NALED activities are aimed at improving the business climate at national and local level.

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